40th Birthday Cake

Red-velvet and vanilla layer cake

25th Birthday Cake

Gold Geode Cake

Teapot cake

Teapot cake

90's fresh prince of bel-air theme cake

90's fresh prince of bel-air theme cake

Corset cake, filled with red velvet and

Corset cake

DJ Cake

DJ Cake

PS4 Cake

Gold Crown Cake

Basketball cake

Basketball cake

Nike shoe box cake

Price: £90, Serves: 20-24 Vanilla Sponge Perfect for him this cake will bring out the boy in anyone. Beautifully crafted and tastes amazing too. (your choice of colour and flavour).

Cheese burger Cake

Price-£90, Serves 20-24 9 inch in diameter Imagine the excitement, this cake will make your guests happy they were invited to your party. cake is made up of 3 layers; vanilla and and middle layer is chocolate cake, sandwiched with your favorite frosting

Shoe Cake

Champagne bucket cake

Price - £125 size- 8 inch, 6 inches deep; Serves- 28 2 layers vanilla sponge 2 layers chocolate sponge. A delicious cake with two different flavours to suit any occasion; the bottle is real bottle of bubbly. (your choice of bottle to go on the cake).

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Chanel Handbag Cake

Price - £90, Size- 8 inch Serves - 20-24 Red Velvet This is a beautifully made Chanel handbag that will make any Chanel bag lovers day. you can choose your choice of colour and flavour of cake

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Wonder woman, red velvet and vanilla cak

Fish shaped Cake

Make-up Box Cake

Price: £95, Serves: 28-30 size- 10 x 7.5 vanilla sponge Beautiful makeup box cake for any girl

Spider-man Cake

Price: £125, Serves:40-45 Size: 2 layer 10 inch and 7 inch Vanilla Sponge Other flavours are available.

Giant Big Mac with milkshake_This is cak

Look! A box of Chicken and chips🤔nope i

money cake

arsenal cake

tuxedo cake

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3 Tier Cake

Nurse Uniform Cake

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Birthday Cake

Ballroom dancing cake

Ballroom dancing cake

Wresting Ring Cake

High heel shoe

Makeup Cake

Makeup Cake

Arsenal football cake

Arsenal football cake

chelsea football cake

James Bond Cake

handbag cake

handbag cake

handbag cake

handbag cake

3 Tier Polka dot Cake

football tshirt

shoe cake

bible cake

book cake

headphone cake

Iphone cake

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